Links below to some useful websites on a range of topics relating to budgeting. 

Please note that not all content on these websites has been checked or endorsed by Compassion Trust.

General Money Advice

Money Hub – Reviews and comparisons on a range of financial products and services such as credit cards, insurance and more as well as advice on topics such as employment, Work and Income, better living and more.

Sorted – Calculators, guides and tools on topics related to finances such as budgeting, debt,savings, investments and more.

Every Dollar Counts – A list of various ways to save money

God Money & Me – Articles on topics such as debt, investment, generosity from a Christian perspective.


Cheap Eats Cookbook – This cookbook contains tips for people living on a tight budget including simple recipes, ways to save money on food, and heart-healthy cooking advice.

Otago University Food Cost Survey – Survey data collected from the Otago University with estimates of weekly individual food costs.

Love Food Hate Waste – Tips and recipes to help you reduce your food waste and save money.

Eat Well for Less – TVNZ series aimed at  helping New Zealanders shop, cook and eat better – and save on their household bills along the way.

Goal Setting

Financial Plan of Action Booklet A resource from MSD for clients, their families and whānau to document their goals. 

No and Low Interest Loans

Aviva – No and low interest loans for low income people living in Canterbury for essential items and services.

Nga Tangata Little Loans – No and low interest loans for low income New Zealanders for essential items or high interest debt relief. You must be working with a Financial Mentor to access this.

Debt Solve – Low interest debt consolidation loans to address unsustainable high cost debt. You must be working with a Financial Mentor to access this.

Advice – Consumer and Legal

Citizens Advice Bureau – Free confidential, independent advice to understand your rights and obligations

Community Law – Free legal advice and information

Legal Aid – Government funding to pay for legal help for people who can not afford a lawyer

Consumer Protection – Information about the process of buying

Consumer – Reviews and comparisons on a range of consumer products

Complaint Line – List of authorities you can complain to if you have a problem.  Covers insurance, energy, human rights, real estate, scams, privacy and more.

Price Comparisons

NZ Compare – Compare deals on mobile, broadband, power insurance and more.

Glimp – Compare deals on broadband, mobile, power, Kiwisaver, insurance and get coupons.

Powerswitch – Helping Kiwis find the best electricity and gas plan.

What’s My Number – Free service to work out which power provider and pricing plan is best for your household

Electricity and Heating

Community Energy Action – Independent energy advice and subsidies for heating and insulation

Winter Energy Payment – Information  for beneficiaries about the extra payment received over the winter months

Energy Smart – Insulation Subsidies

Blanket Bank – Free second hand bedding

Curtain Bank – Free recycled curtains through CEA

What’s My Number – Free service to work out which power provider and pricing plan is best for your household

Addiction Support

Alcohol and Drug – Christchurch Central Service – Facilitate access to alcohol and other drug treatment services across Canterbury

Problem Gambling Foundation – Free, professional and confidential support for gamblers and their loved ones.

Oasis – Salvation Army gambling support

Smokefree – Free support to quit the smokes for good

Stop Smoking Canterbury – Free Quit Coaches work with you and your whānau

Quitline– Free call Quitline on 0800 778 778

Quit Strong Campaign – Access a quit coach and get advice to help you quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Christchurch – A healthy living clinic offering a quit smoking programme.


Work Bridge – Free employment service for disabled people or those with an injury or health condition.

Work Wise – Works with people who are facing personal or health challenges and supports them to return to or stay in employment.

Take Charge – A Christchurch service that engages with young people aged between 18 and 24, that have mild to moderate mental health issues and are looking for work or study.

Step Up Programme – Helps Cantabrians who are on a benefit and have a medical deferral to find and stay in work. It’s a partnership between the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Canterbury District Health Board and Pegasus Health.

Mainstream Employment Programme – A programme for people who have a disability (including a mental health condition) and want to work. It runs for up to one year and can help you get paid work experience and a long-term job.

Dress for SuccessProvides  professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Connected – A service to help New Zealanders connect to the wide range of Employment, Education and Training supports and advice available through government agencies.

Christchurch Libraries CV’s – Resources and advice from the Christchurch City Libraries for writing a good CV. 

Volunteering Canterbury – Connecting people with volunteering opportunities.

Transition to Employment – Information on how Work and Income may be able to help with costs to get you into work.


Tenancy Services – Information and advice regarding the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords


Insolvency and Trustee Service – Information from the Official Assignee about Bankruptcies, No Asset Procedures and Debt Repayment Orders


Working for Families – Calculator to work out the amount of tax credits you may be eligible for.

Kiwisaver – Information about Kiwisaver including Kiwisaver Savings Holiday and Kiwisaver Hardship Withdrawals.


Check what you might get – Calculator to check which benefits and how much you may be eligible for.

Benefits and Payments – A list of benefits and payments available through Work and Income


Variety – Help to give disadvantaged New Zealand children to have happier, healthier childhoods.  Apply for child sponsorship or for one off costs.

Skinny Jump – Low cost internet for households that don’t have internet because cost is a barrier.

NZ Dental Charity If your access to dental care is limited due to cost you may be eligible for free dental treatment through Revive a Smile.

Free Dental Days – Free dental treatment for low income adults in New Zealand.

Hapai Access Card – Previously called the Kiwi Able Card. Gives people with disabilities access to discounted rates for recreational activities and general services.