One on One Financial Mentoring  •  Money Courses


Knowing how to manage your money is key.
We offer you tools and assistance to help you get on track, get out of debt ~ and stay that way! 

  • Free confidential, non-judgmental advice
  • We listen to you
  • Our financial mentors are trained volunteers who give their time to work with families and individuals in our community
  • One on one mentoring of weekly/fortnightly household budgets and cashflows to families and individuals for one-off/crisis appointments as well as ongoing money management
  • Our financial mentors work with you until you are able to manage your finances by yourself. This may be for one-off or long term
  • Negotiation with creditors on your behalf
  • Assistance with Debt Management
  • Advocacy with Government Agencies
  • Advice in Insolvency matters and assistance with Kiwi Saver Hardships, no asset procedures, bankruptcies
  • Goal Setting

It is always more beneficial if we have the opportunity to work with our clients in the long term and support them as they work to become debt free. Our teams not only assist with mentoring and debt management, but advocacy, KiwiSaver hardships and insolvency too. While providing support and education to address debt, we help bring clarity and understanding around weekly financial planning. In journeying with our clients we aim to address the issues of poverty holistically, to help break the poverty cycle and empower the following generations. All you need to do is make an appointment!

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What to bring to your appointment

  • Your recent bank statements (if you receive them in hard copy)
  • Any contracts, HPs, etc. that you have. (If you owe company money, then you will probably have a contract somewhere)
  • If you are a Work and Income NZ client, then bring a breakdown of your benefit entitlements or for wage earners details of your income eg pay slips
  • Any other details that relate to your financial affairs.

How to make an appointment:  Simply phone us on 379 2329 or email: office@compassiontrust.org.nz

New Brighton Campus Hours: Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

City Campus Hours: Wednesday: 9 am – 5 pm

“Thank you for your encouragement and support and generosity over the last few months.  Your advice has resulted in huge positive changes in our lives.”

Budgeting Client

“So glad to hear the advisor has been in the same situation and good to talk over issues, be listened to, talked out loud with sensible advise. Very kind and knowledgeable.”

Budgeting Client

“I have previously been to other places for financial advice but always found Compassion Trust to be non-judgemental and understanding whatever your situation. I never feel rushed and my financial problems are explained in a way I can understand. This is extremely helpful when trying to juggle multiple stressors life. The financial mentors are always very optimistic and after my session with them, I leave feeling a huge weight had been lifted. I was getting at my wit’s end with my particular issue, so I am very grateful for your wonderful service.”

Budgeting Client, Jan 2022

“It has really been positive and very encouraging for me to have a community service that gives budgeting in a non-judgemental way.”

Budgeting Client

“When I rang I didn’t really know why, but I got a whole lot of extra energy just from speaking with your staff.  I am very grateful for your time and support.  I’m feeling incredibly anxious and tired, but I know we can do this, and it must be going to get better.”

Budgeting Client

“I really felt listened to regarding family matters, not just budgeting.  I appreciated the personal support”.

– Budgeting Client

“Having a trustworthy person to confide in regarding financial difficulties has been a great support.  It is tough trying to work things out on your own sometimes.”

– Budgeting Client

CAP Money Course

 The CAP Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills that really work! This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can save and prevent debt.

Next course:

Run over 3 sessions: Enquire for dates
Venue: Grace Vineyard Church, 111 Seaview Rd, New Brighton , Christchurch

Do you want to learn some life changing tools to enable you to save for a house, car, and holiday or reduce debt? The course deals with the stress money causes and looks at the traits needed to succeed in your life with your finances.

For more information contact us at: office@compassiontrust.org.nz  or call us on 379 2329.