Postive Changes in the Lives of People in our Community

A new mum finds confidence 

“I am writing a letter to express my support for Compassion Trust. I have been receiving financial advice from Compassion Trust for almost a year and each appointment has been fruitful. Here is my experience with their service.

Last year, I was depressed and lacked self-confidence as a new mum. The support staff at my doctor’s, Etu Pasifika Health Clinic, recommended seeking financial advice to address my stress. It wasn’t long until I was sitting in Marcel’s office in Compassion Trust, unpacking a lot of my financial troubles and worries. I was afraid of being judged but he immediately made me feel heard. He is patient, kind, and understanding of the importance of my children’s well-being by being present. He is also efficient, great at communicating, and knowledgeable.

Compassion Trust helped me with budgeting and debt consolidation. With Marcel’s help, he negotiated my debt repayment with Work and Income and debt collectors so that payments were manageable. I was unaware of my ability to do that. We also worked together to successfully withdraw part of my Kiwisaver. I used the money to pay off debt, get through winter, and buy equipment for future work.

I have been able to improve my situation significantly, thanks to Compassionate Trust. Physically, I have moved to a warmer and safer rental property. Financially, I have managed to clear all my outstanding arrears and I am slowly paying off my debts. Mentally, I have developed the ability to confidently say no to things that do not serve me. I am now fully aware of my budget and can clearly see a way out of debt.

I am truly grateful to Marcel and the Compassion Trust team for their invaluable help during some really tough times for me and my family. Thank you.”

From exhausted to having an excited hope for the future

“It would be no embellishment to say that Compassion Trust has changed mine and my daughter’s life for the better. As a middle-aged single Mum of an a 8-year-old, finding the courage to admit I was in over my head financially was initially daunting and somewhat humiliating. I had no idea what to expect or even what I needed.

My 1st encounter with the Compassion Trust was on a web search as their name and quick return of my request formed an immediate trust for me, one that proved to be right. Since my 1st consultation with Susan I’ve received an abundance of professional services and support, incredible budgeting spreadsheets I use weekly. I now have a savings account and emergency account and even two Debt Solve loans approved for my high interest debt! Every step of the way Susan has asked for my input, my consent and what I’m comfortable with, moving at a pace I could manage. She recognized my mental health was diminished under the pressures of cancer, single parenting and being evicted from my rental property. She knew of these issues because she cared enough to listen and asked how I was. Susan stepped in to speak with organizations on my behalf, this alone was one of the biggest benefits. I’ve had to do everything always all by myself, I was exhausted and near breakdown, having Susan do emails and make phone calls allowed me to rest, breathe and I felt so supported. Susan and a colleague even extended our discussions to food preparation and ideas of how to include my daughter to cut costs. It’s been another unexpected silver lining.
Just today for the very 1st time my daughter and I picked a strawberry from our 1st ever vegetable garden. Wow. Susan unlocked skills I didn’t even know were a good option.

The most unexpected outcome happened because of Susan at Compassion Trust, she has, through her capable skills, bought about a strength and self belief in my own ability to not only manage my debt and not repeat the same impulsive behaviour’s, but also I have the wisdom now that taking ownership of my choices ultimately leads to healthy changes that in turn gave me a return of freedom and self-worth. I am happy, my daughter is happy and I have an excited hope for our future. I do not feel scared of school holidays and birthdays and bills as I once was. I am prepared.”

Finding advice when it was needed most

“I basically arrived at the doors of The Compassion Trust feeling desperately alone with my financial dilemma, terrified that I would make the wrong move and completely out of my depth with no plan to follow. There is no one around me to ask for knowledgeable advice around banks and mortgages – I am lost as it is all new to me. My circumstances are about to change due to family problems and I needed help!

Chris listened to me (thank you!) immediately cut straight to the heart of the issues and helped me understand what I needed to do for the best and how to go about doing it. He followed up with an email highlighting the key points and assured me that he was available for further support via email if needed.

I have subsequently seen my bank and made a plan that has taken the pressure off and bought me time to do the harder stuff with family.

I can’t express my gratitude to these people at the Compassion Trust enough!
Thank you for non judgment about my personal circumstances.
Thank you for hearing me, hitting the heart of the problem straight off, and for giving me no-strings, trustworthy advice.
You truly have lit a candle at the end of the tunnel for me.”

Kindness for an anxious mum

“Firstly, I would like to thank Anne at Compassion Trust for all the support over the years, not only with financial budgeting but also being very supportive emotionally too. When I walked into my first budgeting meeting I was afraid, nervous and so very anxious at how the appointment would go but in the end it wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be and I’m so very glad that I had entrusted Compassion Trust with my financial situation because not only has it helped me with my finances but its helped me in so many ways to manage my money a lot better. If I hadn’t of found this service I would still be stressed out trying to figure out how to pay for everything on a weekly basis or when those unexpected bills come up or even the basic needs such as paying for a warrant of fitness for my car or when my children need shoes for the 3rd or 4th time in a year. This service has helped me to be more confident in managing my money and its taught me so very much about prioritizing and being responsible about my finances. The people are so very kind and non judgemental and I’m so very grateful to be a part of this also.”

“Thank you for your encouragement and support and generosity over the last few months.  Your advice has resulted in huge positive changes in our lives.”

Budgeting Client

“So glad to hear the advisor has been in the same situation and good to talk over issues, be listened to, talked out loud with sensible advise. Very kind and knowledgeable.”

Budgeting Client

“I have previously been to other places for financial advice but always found Compassion Trust to be non-judgemental and understanding whatever your situation. I never feel rushed and my financial problems are explained in a way I can understand. This is extremely helpful when trying to juggle multiple stressors life. The financial mentors are always very optimistic and after my session with them, I leave feeling a huge weight had been lifted. I was getting at my wit’s end with my particular issue, so I am very grateful for your wonderful service.”

Budgeting Client

“It has really been positive and very encouraging for me to have a community service that gives budgeting in a non-judgemental way.”

Budgeting Client

“When I rang I didn’t really know why, but I got a whole lot of extra energy just from speaking with your staff.  I am very grateful for your time and support.  I’m feeling incredibly anxious and tired, but I know we can do this, and it must be going to get better.”

Budgeting Client

“I really felt listened to regarding family matters, not just budgeting.  I appreciated the personal support”.

– Budgeting Client

“Having a trustworthy person to confide in regarding financial difficulties has been a great support.  It is tough trying to work things out on your own sometimes.”

– Budgeting Client

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